How To Stay Healthy On A Student Budget

Regardless if it’s your first year at University as a fresher or your last year, University can be a stressful time for anyone. Your main focus should be your studies, but many students struggle to prioritize this as they’re having to work to live. And by living I don’t mean livin la vida loca! I mean surviving, by paying bills and buying food.

After researching on how to save money as a student, I came across an article on Save The Student, which spoke about how students were affected by money worries.

Here are some of the quotes…

“As a student I am constantly broke and worried about money. I feel as if I can’t get the best out of uni life because of lack of money.”

“Worrying about money has led to me skipping lunch on a regular basis to save money.”

“I budget for £20 a week on food because otherwise I would not have had enough savings to buy my food for the whole uni year. This tends to mean that I don’t have enough money to buy a full weeks worth of food and have to only have 4-5 meals a week.”

Now I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but feel a little disheartened by this. So I have written this article to help you budget your food at university, whilst showing you how Solo can benefit your health and your pocket.

What is Solo?

Solo is an all in one meal that contains everything that your body needs to thrive. It’s made from plants and is gluten free and vegan friendly! Just one serving of Solo contains 28g of pea protein, a strong natural source of protein required for growth, maintenance and repair. It also contains coconut, gluten free oats, rice protein and flax seeds which are a great antioxidant.

What flavours are there to choose from?

  • Chocolate Salted Caramel
  • Natural Vanilla
  • Caffe Latte
  • Unflavoured


How much does it cost to take Solo for one month?

We can’t magic money into your account overnight, but what we can do is help you to budget. And with this we can help you to budget with nutritious food that will fuel your brain for all those late nights of studying!

A Solo 28 meal tub is £45 which may seem expensive to University students, but let’s break it down and throw a few offers into the equation.

  • You can receive £5 off your first order, which is £40 for a 28 meal tub
  • You can also SUBSCRIBE and receive 10% off every future order, which is £40.50 for a 28 meal tub

If you subscribe to Solo, your 28 meals will account to roughly £1.45 per meal. Whether you choose to take Solo for your breakfast, lunch or dinner, that’s 1 meal covered for every day of the month! Do you feel a little more reassured now?

So what about your other meals? Let’s say you have a budget of £25 a week, after purchasing Solo you will be left with £15, is this enough? Absolutely!

Cheap Breakfast Ideas

  • Wholegrain Cereal / Granola
  • Oats
  • Wholegrain Bread / Eggs
  • Avocado / Eggs
  • Omlette

Cheap Dinner Ideas

Vegetable based dinners such as..

  • Salad
  • Stir fry
  • Fajitas
  • Curry
  • Pasta

Why are vegetable dishes cheap? Vegetables are inexpensive and contain a lot of your Vitamins and Minerals needed to meet your daily requirements. Not to mention they fill you up too. For vegetable dishes, all you need to do is buy accessory ingredients such as saucues, herbs and spices. If you’d like to add meat, it’s best to buy this in bulk!

Money Saving Tips

  • Always buy in bulk (pasta, rice, meat).
  • Shop in the evening or on a Sunday for discounted items
  • Shop around! Find out which shops offer the best prices. Even if you have to go to one shop for your fresh produce and the other for bulk buys.

Not sure which flavour suits you? Why not sample all four flavours here and pay just £10 with FREE delivery and a shaker thrown into the mix too!

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