Johan Lamprecht’s Story – Sleeping Ruff

Last week for the first time I used Solo for my ‘Sleeping Ruff’ fundraiser that I did for a local dog rescue charity, Rescue Remedies. I was looking for an easy and convenient way to take care of my food and nutritional needs during the fundraiser, since I had little space for packing things like food for the week. I lived almost exclusively just off Solo, the Natural Vanilla flavour. Due to it being a dry powder, it was easy to pack enough Solo to last for a very long time in a small space, in this case for 7 days’ sustenance. Solo generously sponsored me with a week’s supply of Solo for the fundraiser that I did for homeless rescue dogs.

I was surprised by how light and neutral the Solo Natural Vanilla flavour was, which was what I was looking for. It definitely filled me up and satisfied my hunger and energy demands. One or two days I tried adding some golden syrup when I felt like something sweeter, and I think that the Solo Natural Vanilla flavour will make a great basis for experimenting with (such as adding fruit or flavoured plant milk). I also want to experiment with using Solo in things like DIY meal replacement bars.

During the fundraiser I was quite physically active, walking dogs and helping out with physically strenuous tasks. I was initially a bit worried that Solo wouldn’t fill me up, since I’d never tried any meal replacement products before, but it certainly hit the spot and I was never hungry when using Solo. I do things like camping and hiking sometimes, and I think that Solo will be ideal for this and for packing as light as possible.

I felt healthy the entire time when drinking Solo and as I read, it does have all the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy meal in each serving.

It was fun to try Solo out and I’m looking forward to experimenting with some DIY ideas using Solo like meal replacement bars and custom flavoured shakes!

I’ve also wrote a daily blog about my journey of the Sleeping Ruff fundraiser which you can read about on the Rescue Remedies website.


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