Keeping Healthy This Winter

The Christmas season is a time for Christmas Markets, lots of shopping and celebrating the year, so being in bed with your hot water bottle is I’m sure the last thing that’s on your mind!

If you want to stay cold free and fit throughout December, then you’re going to need to keep your immune system in tip top shape! So where should you start?

Getting In Your Macros


Now we’ve spoken about eating fruit which contains your micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), but what about your macronutrients? A strong immune system means having a balanced diet with no deficiencies. Macronutrients are your proteins, fats and carbohydrates and it’s important that you maintain an adequate amount of each macro without depleting in calories.

If you’re struggling to eat enough throughout the day or you simply just don’t have time to cook for whatever reason, Solo Meal Replacement takes the stress away and provides a complete meal with all the macros needed. Let’s look at just one meal of Solo based on the unflavoured version:

You would be consuming

  • 47.6g of vegan pea protein
  • 43.6g of carbohydrates
  • 14.2g of healthy coconut fats

With Solo there’s no worrying about consuming too much sugar and not enough nutrients, as one whole meal (125g) contains just 0.9g of sugar which is less than you’d have in a cup of tea!

Eating Fruit


Why can eating fruit protect your immune system?

Fruits contain antioxidants which protect our cells from free radicals. Free radicals can be breathed in through damaging chemicals in the environment (such as smoking), and antioxidants slow down the oxidation process preventing damage to our cells. Fruits that contain the most antioxidants tend be within the berry family, such as raspberries, blueberries, goji berries and a long list of others. If you’re even more curious about what fruits contain the most antioxidants, cut them open and see how long they stay fresh for! You’ll notice that bananas and apples start to go brown pretty quickly, which means that they contain less antioxidants.

Keeping Clean

Well, isn’t that obvious you may ask? Yes of course! But there are so many other extra precautions you can take to keep flu free this winter!

Gloves – whether you’re shopping, training at the gym or simply walking your dog, think about how many thousands of germs are being passed around on a day to day basis this season. Do what you can to avoid commonly touched areas in public areas such as coat hangers, stair rails and lift buttons. But if you can’t avoid them or you simply just forget, that’s why gloves are the perfect solution to keep them germs at bay!

If you’re in a rush and forget your gloves, always make sure you have a bottle of hand sanitiser in your bag. They’re small, handy and less than £2! They’re the ideal quick fix for public areas and trust me they’re worth it!

Next would be to wear a scarf (and obviously a coat too) – if you can, cover your nose and mouth whilst in a busy area. You’ll reduce the chances of breathing in germs and keep warmer!

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