Lauren’s Solo Story

I first tried Solo as a meal replacement two months ago. As a busy Mum and also a working professional, I’d often forget to have lunch as I’d be in meetings, travelling, or running around after my family. I enjoy yoga and running when I get time and I was aware that not eating properly would really impact on my fitness as well as affect my health.

Lauren, 29, Norfolk

I ordered a Sample Pack of flavours and after trying the first flavour, I knew that it was something I could easily fit into my day. I now have Solo either for breakfast or lunch (sometimes both), most weekdays and sometimes at the weekend. Solo gives me a quick and easy option with the confidence that I am looking after myself nutritionally.

My husband has also started having Solo for breakfast as it’s filling and it has helped him to lose weight slowly, as he no longer feels tempted to snack on unhealthy foods at work mid-morning.

My favourite flavour is definitely the Chocolate Salted Caramel which I often blend 80g of Solo with a banana and 150ml of milk, which i then top up with water.

I’ve also made these Solo Natural Vanilla pancakes featured here

I’d like to experiment with improving the texture to increase the moisture so that they’re not as dry!

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