How To Not Lose Weight On Your Breasts

One fear that goes through many women’s minds on the journey to weight loss is ‘How do I lose weight without losing it on my breasts’.

The truth is, it will never be entirely possibly to not lose weight on them. As we all know by know, you can’t lose weight on one specific area, when you lose fat you lose it off your body as a whole. Seeing as the breasts are made up of breast tissue and fatty tissue, fat will be lost from this area. But what we can do is reduce the amount of fat that’s lost there with our step by step guide:

Work Your Chest

Yes, that’s right! Your pectoral muscles are the muscles sitting behind your breast tissue. By weight training your chest 1-2 times a week you will create a more defined shape and increase the muscle mass. Not only will your breasts appear perkier but your muscle gain will equiant for any fat lost on that area.

Drop The Cardio Sessions

Ok – don’t drop all of them, just reduce your sessions. For weight loss you don’t need more than 2-3 cardio sessions per week, but why is this? The more muscle that you have, the quicker you burn fat. Therefore up your weight training whilst keeping in one or two sessions of cardio a week (you could even add it onto the end of your weights session). You don’t want to lose too much weight at once, which is where we’ll come onto our next step..

Lose Weight Slowly

I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay clear of all fad diets that promise you’ll drop 2 dress sizes in one week. Patience when losing weight (or following any diet for that matter) is key. Sudden weight loss will not only result in poor eating habits and binge eating later on down the line, but you’ll be more likely to hold onto access skin that becomes very elasticated.

Lose weight slowly and efficiently whilst building up your chest definition, that way you’ll stay in proportion and your skin will stay firmer.

Why not start by swapping one meal a day for one meal of Solo? 125g of Solo consists of:

  • 468kcal
  • 47g vegan pea protein
  • 43g carbohydrates sourced from gluten free oats
  • 14g of healthy coconut fat

Estrogenic Foods

Estrogenic foods contain the female hormone – estrogen which can naturally enhance your breast size. These foods include; beans & lentils, soy, tofy, sesame seeds, garlic, pumpkin and chickpeas.

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