Where To Shop Vegan This Easter

Is there anything more frustrating than wanting to tuck into a humongous chocolate Easter egg – only to find out that it’s not dairy-free? Well we’re putting in all of the hard work for you to find you the most delicious Vegan Easter Eggs!

Green & Black’s Organic Med Dark Egg – £6.59

This thick shelled dark Easter Egg is made with the finest trinitario beans and cocoa. Spoil yourself this Easter at www.greenandblacks.co.uk

Vegan Creme Eggs – £15

Yes, that’s right! Dairy free Easter Eggs are real AND double the size of a Cadburys Creme Egg! Check out Mummy Meagz Rocky Road Eggs and other vegan goodies!

10 Rice Milk Easter Chicks – £3.99

These creamy and delicious rice milk chocolate chicks are a great alternative to dairy! www.cocoalibre.co.uk

Dark Chocolate & Ginger Easter Egg – £11.99

This delicious dark choclate egg is jewelled with crystallised ginger to get those taste buds tingling! www.cocoaloco.co.uk

Easter Egg Treasure Box – £18.95

This beautiful box contains 13 Easter Eggs which are perfect for the family game of Easter Egg Hunting! You can find them on So Sweet Couture.

Easter Egg Sandwich – £10

70% Dark Chocolate and 30% heaven! You can also find other vegan friendly eggs on www.hotelchocolat.com – such as dark chocolate Easter Bunnies!

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Eggs – £3.99

These chocolate peanut butter eggs are the perfect treat to add to your Easter goodie bags or to share with the family as a treat. www.montezumas.co.uk

Bumbles Easter Round Up! – £3

Okay so this technically isn’t an Easter Egg but we couldn’t resist not sharing it with you! These gelatine free Wagon Wheels are sandwiched in between handmade Chocolate Biscuits, rolled in honeycomb! www.anandafoods.co.uk

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