Why You Need Yoga In Your Life

Yoga is something that many people aspire to do, but never actually make time for.

“I’m too busy.”

“I’m not flexible enough.”

“I don’t have anywhere to practice.”

I’m sure these are all excuses you’ve told yourself, right? Well I’m going to ease you into the world of yoga and help you to learn about the wonderful benefits.

I’m too busy for yoga

Stretching for just 10 minutes a day everyday can hugely improve your flexibility, mobility, balance and mindset. Yoga sessions don’t need to be hours long. As long as you’re hitting compound movements that target every muscle group, you’re allowing your muscles elasticity to develop, which overall prevents injury and improves functionality.

Try the Big Toe Pose by touching your toes everyday for one month and seeing how far down you can get (the aim is to stretch out the hamstrings with straight legs and to have your hands touching your feet). Why not try this pose whilst watching TV or waiting for your bath to run?

I’m not flexible enough

Well isn’t one of the contributing factors of yoga to improve your flexibility? It’s okay if you’re not fully flexible, see it as an incentive and something to work towards. Yoga blocks are great for beginners as they help with balance and gradually allow your body to adjust to new positions.

I don’t have anywhere to practice

Luckily for you, the amount of room you need for yoga is very limited! The space of a yoga mat is all you need which is around 6ft (depending on your length). Don’t worry if you haven’t got a fancy gym or studio, you’re free to take your mat with you anywhere needs necessarily. Why not practice in the living room or garden?

Now let’s look at the benefits of yoga, starting off with posture

Due to factors of everyday life such as sitting at the desk or looking down at our phones too much, our posture is affected without us even realising. Not only does yoga help with the alignment of your back such as your skeletal system and loosening of the hamstrings, it also reduces the stress on the muscles that become stiff.

Common health risks associated with bad posture are a hunched back or dowager’s hump. Regular stretching can improve your flexibility of the back and allow for a larger range of movement.


Yoga, although relaxing, challenges you physically, bringing physical fatigue that makes our sleep more restful. Instead of scrolling through your phone at night, try a few yoga poses to ease your mind into a better nights sleep. It’s important to stay away from bright lights and to relax your eyes before hitting the hay.


One huge benefit of practicing yoga is the impact that it has on your breathing. Many exercises focus on the rhythmic breathing that help to calm and release any stress. Yoga helps to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and many people have too much in their bodies due to the amount of stress that they have. This can cause weight gain, increased bloody pressures and lower immunity. Stress can also massively impact on the digestive system and cause unwanted toilet trips and complications. Controlling this will allow for a smoother digestive system and healthier bowel movement.


Not only does yoga increase your flexibility and stamina, it also increases your confidence and body awareness. Women who practiced yoga everyday for a few weeks reported improvements in their sexual desire and ability to orgasm.


Yoga releases endorphin’s and reduces feelings of anxiety, anger and stress. Practicing yoga on a regular basis will not only improve your mood, but change your outlook on life and your perception of others, creating an internal peace.

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